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Tips for a beautiful tan

  • Showering and exfoliating prior to your tan provides the best results.

  • Do not apply deodorant, moisturizer, make-up, or perfume before your session.

  • Do not use moisturizing soap or body wash prior to your session.

  • For your session, you may choose to wear disposable undergarments (which we provide), your own undergarments, or a bathing suit.

  • Please wear dark colored, loose cotton clothing after your session.

  • Avoid wool/cashmere, linen, or silk directly after your airbrush session.

  • Do not get wet or exercise for at least 8 hours after your session is completed.

  • You may shower 8-10 hours after airbrush tanning.

  • In the week following your tan, be sure not to scrub skin or use very hot water while in the shower.

  • You may go swimming and/or exercise the day after your tan, and it will still stay on!

  • You must moisturize or apply a tan extender in the days following your visit.


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